Learn Korea's advanced IT and artificial intelligence technologies with us and become a leading expert in the global market!
Welcome to AKITA
(Astrum Korea IT Academy)!

In our newly established faculty, based on Korean-style industry-academia university, we intend to lead educational innovations in Uzbekistan and Korea by training our future students to become global IT professionals. By providing you with not only theoretical knowledges, but also practical skills and enhancing your global competitiveness, we prepare you to become a world-class IT professional.
Peculiarities of the educational program
AKITA's education program has been awarded the "Korea's KOSA IT Training Program Certificate" and provides a curriculum that combines theory and practice.
  • Dual Degree Diploma, “2 + 2” Program
    The Dual Degree Diploma, 2+2 Program, organized in cooperation with Korea’s Yeungnam University, gives students the opportunity to study at Korean IT universities, intern at IT companies, and upgrade their qualifications. This program is designed to help students gain practical experience that validates their theoretical knowledge.
  • Practice
    In addition to the dual degree program, students will have the opportunity to intern at major Korean IT companies that are considered residents of AKITA's “IT Biz Park”. This experience greatly helps students to work in a real-world environment and hone their professional skills.
  • Employment assistance
    Students receive job placement assistance through a partnership between AKITA and the KIIIC (Korea Institute for International Industrial Cooperation), an association of Korean IT companies. This partnership provides AKITA graduates with various employment opportunities, not only in companies that reside in the “IT Biz Park” on our campus, but also in companies operating in the Korean IT market.

Software engineering
(Software Development)
22 500 000 sum
It covers the entire process, from software analysis and planning, through implementation and practice, to testing and deployment, thereby empowering you to build applications in a real-world environment.
Wireless communication and broadcasting engineering
(Creative Web/App Development)
22 500 000 sum
It teaches processes from UX and UI design, through building and testing, to deploying web pages and applications in a practical setting.
Artificial intelligence(AI Big Data Science)
22 500 000 sum
This area includes the processes of analyzing data and developing artificial intelligence solutions using ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Deep Learning’ techniques.
Information systems and technologies
( Information and Communication Engineering)
22 500 000 sum
It teaches specialized skills required to build and manage a system through the integration of hardware, software, networks, and databases
Design (Media Design)
22 500 000 sum
This area is dedicated to training multi-talented professionals who will serve as planners and creators of diverse media content. The aim is to develop convergent talents equipped with skills in both creative and technical content creation
An additional 1,500,000 sum discount will be applied upon full payment of one-year tuition fee!!!

A total discount of 4,000,000 sum (approximately 16% including 10%, which will be given by AKITA partners) is available when paying one year of tuition fee!!!

Student Facilities
  • University
  • Extracurricular
  • Internships and employment support
  • Student dormitory
    (Completion is scheduled for September 2025)
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